CANTO 35th Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition

One of the key note speakers at CANTO's 35th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition was Mr Gregory N. Hill and, the theme of the conference was: "Transitioning to a Digital Region - Opportunities and Challenges."

Mr. Hill was the key note speaker on the panel entitled, “How Technology is Transforming Business–A look at transformation in the Energy, Health, Finance and Airline industries.”

Here is an excerpt from his speech:

“As a financial institution, a natural regional stakeholder - with expansion and innovation uppermost on our mind – we are only too aware that our future success will be driven by state-of-the-art telecommunications. People want to do their financial business on hand-held devices and, as such, we see a nexus of services between Banking and Telecommunications, which will become a staple of the future.

Studies have shown that it improves the standard of living for everyone, so it is critical to social progress. That is why it is so important for Telecoms Authorities and Governments in developing countries to promote an environment where telecoms facilities are resilient and affordable.

For all these very worthwhile reasons, AMBL considers investment in the telecommunications sector highly viable and bankable. An investment in digitization, is an investment in the long term growth and development of the region.

Some of my past partners were TSTT in Trinidad & Tobago, Cable and Wireless in the Caribbean – Jamaica, Barbados and the Eastern and Northern Caribbean, Flow Setar in Aruba, Telem-Telcell in St Maarten (thanks Helma for cornering me into this commitment to speak today), and Digicel – where I was fortunate to finance Digicel in every country in the Caribbean, starting with the inception of the Company’s major network expansion in Jamaica and assisting with the deregulation of the telecommunications market in the region.

I am happy to have witnessed the growth and development of the telecommunications markets across the Caribbean and watched all of your companies grow and expand over the last two decades.”