Merchant Banking Services

We provide a window to global investment banking expertise.

We act as a financial intermediary bringing investors to participate in your capital raising initiatives. We ensure that you benefit from the most competitive market rates with finance structures best suited for your specific company needs. We help our clients by underwriting and distributing securities and devising innovative finance packages. We put our market knowledge and expertise to work for your company.

An Investment Bank that can meet your needs today and in the future

  • Context – based locally with a good understanding of national dynamics
  • Reputation - successful record of previous transactions
  • Size - helps ensure ease of execution with strong Joint Venture International Partners if required
  • Offering - complete suite of Debt and Equity Products and Services
  • Seasoned Professionals – ensures solutions are not over-engineered nor too poorly designed to address your financial and strategic concerns
  • Focus – displays a level of interest in your business demonstrated by the frequency and quality of value enhancing ideas

Structured Finance
  • Project Finance Advisory
  • Syndication and Participation
  • Project Bonds
  • Receivables Financing
Capital Markets
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Sovereign Bonds
  • High Yield Debt
  • Securitization
  • IPOs and Secondary Offerings
Corporate Advisory
  • M&A
  • Takeover Defence
  • Divestment
  • Privatizations
Corporate Banking
  • Corporate Underwriting
  • Export Finance
  • Lease Structures
  • Commercial Mortgages
Advisory Services

Advisory services include corporate advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions advice; corporate refinancing; valuations and divestment. Over the last several years, we have provided these services to both governments and to private sector institutions in the energy, packaging, manufacturing and other sectors.

Bond Trading

ANSA Merchant Bank Ltd. provides liquidity in fixed income products to our clients, by utilising its expansive network of real-money accounts, institutional trading desks along with broker-dealers across the region and U.S. We trade several sovereigns and corporates across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, with a focus on Emerging Market names.
Further, we are able to offer invaluable price discovery, while discreetly trading fairly illiquid Caribbean sovereigns and corporates which regional institutions often require for statutory purposes.