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How Can Asset Financing Help?

How it supports your business

  • Enables you to preserve capital and generate income from your new assets while paying for them
  • May help you to maximize your tax allowances
  • Provides flexible funding profiles, so you can match repayments to your cash flow cycles and streamline your finances
  • Alleviates the risk and responsibility of ownership

Hire Purchase

Customers looking for straightforward financing and asset ownership can consider Hire Purchase. You benefit from spreading the cost of the asset over an agreed term, followed by a one-off purchase option fee, which transfers ownership to you at the end of the term. Additional benefits from this finance option are no legal or upfront fees, flexible terms, low deposits, and hassle free financing.

Lease Purchase

Allowing you to take advantage of the immediate cash flow benefits of leasing, this funding solution gives your company the opportunity to buy the asset outright for a nominal fee at the end of the agreed term. Your business will normally be able to claim immediate capital allowances on the equipment with the interest element of the payments being tax deductible. You can choose the agreement, terms and interest rate structure that best suits your requirements, including the amount of initial deposit you wish to make.

Finance Lease

You may be able to finance up to 100% of the purchase price of an asset with this option, minimizing any deposit or capital expenditure on your behalf. With leasing no down payment is required. There are tax benefits that companies or self-employed persons can enjoy as the full monthly lease payment is treated as a business expense. In addition no legal fees are charged.