Do you have US$ funds and want to earn stable, healthy returns?

Or have a short to medium term investment horizon? Then this is the fund for you. The Investment Objective of the Fund is to generate investment returns which are superior to all US$ Income mutual funds registered in Trinidad and Tobago, while providing for acceptable levels of liquidity and credit risk.

About this Fund

Currency in US with an initial investment of US $3,000.00 (minimum) with additional investments of US 500.00

  • No entry or exit fees
  • Member of ANSA McAL Group
  • Daily Liquidity
  • Quarterly Income or reinvest

Download ANSA US$ Income Fund Prospectus here [PDF].

The diagram below is an indication of the identified asset classes and allocations.

Corporate Bonds 40%
Government Bonds 35%
Emerging Market Bonds 15%
Cash & Money Market Instruments 10%

These asset allocations can and will be actively managed to obtain the best results available from current market conditions, ensuring that earnings do not suffer as yields fluctuate.

The Bank manages funds in excess of $5 Billion, which demonstrates the strength and depth of fund management expertise.

ANSA Merchant Bank's range of Financial Services includes:

  • Merchant Banking
  • Investment Services
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Unit Trust
  • Savings & Pensions
  • Finance Company
  • Leasing
  • Mortgages

ANSA Merchant Bank Limited is a publicly quoted company on the Trinidad &Tobago Stock Exchange with market capitalization in excess of $2.7 Billion.

The Fund seeks to ensure the professional management and further security for your money by using independent Trustees.

1. Know Your Customer (KYC)

Download PDF [Individual]

Download PDF [Corporate*]

2. Application Form

Download PDF

3. Transaction Form

Download PDF

4. Source of Funds

Download PDF

*Submission of Company Documents as required by the Central Bank Trinidad & Tobago.

ANSA US$ Income Fund Quick Reference Guide. [PDF]

How to Apply: Individuals and Corporate

STEP 1: Click on the tab ‘Application Requirements’.

STEP 2: For new customers, please click on #5. To begin the application process.

STEP 3: Complete the necessary forms that will include KYC; Application Form; Transaction Form and Source of Funds. When all the required forms are completed – sign and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

I certify that all information provided are true and correct. (THIS IS A MANDATORY BOX, UNLESS YOU CLICK THIS BOX YOU ARE UNABLE TO MOVE FORWARD).

STEP 4: This will open an email thread with the completed PDF version of your application. Attach all the necessary documents to the email. Please note if further documentation is needed, you will be contacted by a member of the AMBL Investments team. The required documents are as follows:

  • 2 Forms of ID – either DP, Passport or National ID
  • Proof of Address – Utility Bill or Bank statement
  • Income Confirmation – Job letter
  • For Corporate/Institution: Company Documentation - Financials, Certificate of Incorporation; By Laws; Board Resolution; Annual Return; List of Directors; Certification and Articles of Continuance; Director's Statement

STEP 5: After all files are uploaded, please send email.

Auto-Response Email Message: You have successfully submitted your completed application. Thank you! An agent will contact you within 24hrs of your submission.

Know Your Customer Requirements

Requirements to open the following:
  • Individual Income Fund Account
  • Institutional Income Fund Account
Individual Income Fund Account-TT$ or US$
  • Proof of Identity: Any two forms of the following: - National Identification, Passport, Drivers' Permit (to be accompanied by Birth Certificate).
  • Address confirmation: Utility bill (WASA, T&TEC, Flow, bmobile- land line phone bill) or bank statement not older than 3 months). Mobile bills will not be accepted. If the utility bill is in the name of another holder- obtain a letter of authorization and identification from the holder.
  • Income confirmation: Employed persons- Job letter (not older than 3 months) or most recent pay slip. Pensioners- Bank Statement showing monthly pension being credited to account or pension letter from the government.
Institutional Income Fund Account- TT$ or US$
  • Two (2) forms of identification for each director/signatory, company secretary and shareholder with 10% or more ownership
  • Official list of Directors and Authorized Signatories for this account along with specimen signatures. (Must be listed on the company's letterhead)
  • Company Financials or Management Accounts for the last three (3) years
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate and Articles of Continuance
  • Notice of Directors/Notice of Change of Directors (if applicable)
  • Annual return (for the previous year)
  • Board Resolution (Signed by Directors in agreement to enter into a business relationship and authorizing the account signatories)
  • By Laws (must be certified by Company Director or Company Secretary)
  • A signed Director's Statement or a certificate by the Company's Secretary outlining the nature of the company's business.
  • Company Stamp to be placed on the completed KYC form